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Ibz special mixed bean stew


This dish is a delicious hearty, best served warm stew. Great for those cold winter nights as well as just a little pick me up. The great thing is you can batch make a whole load of this and either make it last the week or freeze it for another time. I have been working on this recipe for some time now and I’m sure you’re going to be blown away with its immense flavours! Packed full of protein, Vitamins and minerals this recipe is sure to boost your immune system and support you on your healthy journey. Now enough talking let’s begin with the recipe.



+(in terms of chilli’s you can use less as this was just my preference, I would say a minimum of 3)

Main Ingredients

 2 white onions and 1 red onion (finely chopped)

 2 peppers (chopped)

 Chopped tomatoes (1 Tin)

 Chestnut mushrooms 1 punnet (or your choice of type)

 3 Large carrots (chopped)

 Spinach (handful)

 kale (handful)

 3/4 Celery sticks (chopped)

+ Rocket green Chilli’s (5)

 4 large vine tomatoes (can use a punnet of cherry tomatoes too)

 Orange lentils (1cup)

 Edamame beans (1 cup)

 Chickpeas (1cup or 1 tin)

 Kidney beans (1cup or 1 tin)

 Cannelloni beans (1cup or 1 tin)

 green beans (handful0

 Mangetout beans (Handful)

 2 white potatoes and 1 sweet potato

(If you do not have access to all these vegetables you can get creative and add your own instead for example, aubergine, cauliflower or leeks)

Herbs & Spices

. Mustard seeds (1 tbsp, can use yellow or black I used both)

 Cumin Seeds (1/2 tsp)

 Turmeric (1tsp)

 cloves (10) (use about 7 if you don’t like too much spice same with black peppercorns)

 Black peppercorns (10)

 Cinnamon (2/3 sticks or 2 tsp)

 Garlic (3 cloves)

 Ginger (small chunk finely sliced)

 Fresh Coriander (chop stems and leaf’s separately)

 fresh mint leaves (small bunch)

 ½ Freshly squeezed Lemon

 ½ Freshly squeezed Lime

Optional you could add coconut milk too

You will need a LARGE pot to cook in or use two smaller ones and split the content x


  1. Heat 1 tsp of coconut in the pot
  2. Add Mustard seeds and allow to cook on a low heat
  3. Add cumin seeds
  4. Add onions and peppers and allow to cook for 5 min
  5. Add all the beans and cup of lentils to the pot
  6. Add the tin of chopped tomatoes and cover contents with water (I filled my pot to the top)
  7. Add all herbs and spices you will be using aside from (fresh coriander leaf’s (add the stems) and mint)
  8. Add the lemon juice
  9. Mix well, now leave to boil then place the lid on top and allow to simmer for roughly 30 -45 mins.

Tip of the day: Chop tomatoes with a serrated knife to avoid the juice spilling X

  1. Go check on your stew and give it a good stir, it should be very fragrant give it a try…
  2. Add in the garlic and ginger
  3. Add the remaining vegetables and leave for another 30 mins on a low simmer (if you choose to add coconut milk add it now)
  1. About 15 mins into the simmer add the fresh coriander and mint and also add in the lime juice
  1. Allow to cool, best served warm
  2. Nom enjoy this delicious, hearty stew


Get in touch with me if you need any tips also tag me on social media if you do decide to make this and I am always looking for some inspiration so let me know what you would like me to cook up next x

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Show your teeth and smile boiiii


Ibraheem X


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