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Firstly big thanks to all for the continuous support, Sorry it has been a long time that I have not posted on my blog, the reason being I have started back at college and was settling in but hopefully from now on ai will be keeping up with it!

As requested and being tagged by many people I am going to do this Visually impaired Tag that has been going around.

The Visually Impaired Tag is to help you guys to have a better understanding on what my Visual impairment is. So lets get started 🙂 

1. What medical condition caused you to be Visually Impaired or blind?

I have 3 main eye conditions which are;
Kerataconus which where the Cornea undergoes progressive thinning and steepening which causes astigmatism,
Cone Dystrophy; is when the Cone photoreceptors don’t work, so mainly the central vision and colour vision is affected.
Retinal Dystrophy which just means there is a problem with retina which is not fully understood at this moment in time.and also have a slight nystagmus which means my eyes move around slightly, 

2. In three words describe your vision?

Unique, Pain and unclear 

3. What is the hardest thing to do being blind or visually impaired?

This is a tricky one, I would have to say the one of the hardest things for me is how different some people treat me now, for example someone will talk to the person next to me instead of me, there is nothing wrong with my mouth so you can talk to me! its just simply annoying. Also people not understanding that yes you may be blind but still can be quite independent, people get so amazed seeing me walk around my own house or cooking, even using my phone its like they have just seen a living miracle. makes me laugh at time but can be very very VERY annoying especially when comments are made like ‘oh my god, well done i am so proud, you managed to walk up the stairs all by yourself’… like yeah It’s my eyes that have a problem not my legs not my brain I am a fully functional human being. I think its hard for people to understand that as a blind person I can still do everything I just have my own techniques around things. I just don’t understand how much people underestimate blindness. But its funny when we prove them wrong!

4. What is the best thing about being blind or visually impaired?
I think there are many benefits of being Blind, I have met many amazing people and had many opportunities come my way. Another thing would be I don’t judge people, like I don’t make a straight forward judgement about a person or their appearance that as a sighted person you cant help but make them. And despise all the hardships its made me into a stronger person knowing I can live a happy independent life just like anyone else. Another thing would be being able to use all the amazing technology that is coming out which seems quite interesting.

5. What question do you get asked about most because of your vision?

How I lost my vision and how do I cope with it? I reckon I get asked this quite a lot because I used to be fully sighted and have grown in independance.

6. Do you have a cane? Guide dog or neither?

At the moment I use a Long cane, But I’m in the process of hopefully convincing my parents into allowing me to get a guide dog;)

7. What Piece of advise would you give someone who is going to loosing, or going to loose or has already lost there sight?

I would say thats its not going to be a walk in the park, its will be hard and i’m not going to lie it is a very scary process to go through, and the worst thing to do is to bottle it up and think you’ll be okay because eventually you will break, I know as I went through it all and still am. You need to let yourself have that grieving time, go through that depression stage but then you will overcome it, you will be a stronger person and live a happy normal life just like you used too.

there are many organisations like the RNIB and Blind children UK that have services to help you to get the right information about your sight loss and also will help you to get through it, Both of these have helped me in the past and i would strongly recommend them.

here is a link to the RNIB helpline; Link to RNIB Helpline

also a link to Blind Children Uk’s Website; Link To Blind Children UK

Another company would be LOOKUK who I am currently working with at the moment and have a few exciting projects in the making, one of them is a mentoring project where you can seek advice from a trained mentee. here is the contact details; Link To LookUK

8. What is one piece of advise you would give to a sighted person about interacting with someone who is blind or visually impaired? Do not assume that we need help. If we need help we will ask for it. I understand that your trying to care for us and it might be that you use your sight for that thing but we use our other senses to the best of their ability.
9. Why did you start youtube/blogging?
I started blogging for the main purpose of supporting other people that are going through the situation that I was in and still am in. I also hope it educated the public and breaks the stigma that is surrounding blindness. Also because I am taking part in a progect with the LOOK UK Foundation
10. Tag 3 people to do the Visually Impaired Persons tag?
The tag is open to anyone so feel free if you want to do it then go ahead 😉

Thats all I have for this blog post hope you enjoyed it, of you have any further suggestions  feel free ro let me know, you can follow me on my social media and contact me on;

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Thank you! and I hope you all have a great Christmas and new year🎉

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