Living Through The Life Of Ibz

Once you except your limits you go beyond them!

Me at 1 years of age

I was born on the 26th of February, I was born on time without any problems with my sight  the only thing I had was dilated kidneys which basically meant that my kidney was swollen due to a build up of urine in my kidneys, but I was on a high dosage of antibiotics for three years and I was fine.

As any child i loved hanging around with my mates and messing about. I enjoyed sports from a young age. I was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of about 3 and throughout my childhood I was in and out of hospital with asthma attacks. It was very stressful as you can imagine I was very young, It took a lot of my school time, I was of for weeks to months at a time,  but I never let it get the better of me I still carried out with my sports, I haven’t had an asthma attack for 2 years so doing good!

I was doing really well at school I made many good friends and was exceeding in my academic subjects, when I was in year 2 my teacher noticed I was not reading properly and I was squinting to see the board, so the school referred me to get my vision checked. We went to Supersavers which is an opticians and they diagnosed me with a squint (strabismus) which basically just meant my eyes pointed in different ways and I found it hard to focus on things especially reading for a long time.  It also caused my sight to be slightly blurred but nothing to bad this was corrected with glasses.

So I was wearing glasses and as a young child I rebelled against wearing them, like which kid actually likes to wear them, plus i coped well without them… so I thought. I grew up being a very good reader I was always in the top sets for reading, but again in late year 5 my teachers realised I was putting my head closer to the books and my handwriting had started to get messy. At the time we thought nothing of it as we thought just go to the opticians and they’ll give a higher prescription and everything will be okay, yet that was what happened for the next few years my sight started to slowly deteriorate and I realised it was affecting me a lot more as my glasses were just not working, my face was literally next to the page, I could barely read the board, I was sitting right next to the TV to see it, at a distance people looked like a smudge like when looking out a foggy window and they became clearer  as they came closer,  I thought it would go away, maybe I just need better glasses or contact lenses but as I went to secondary school I was to realise that it was not going to get better any time soon…

part 2 Secondary Life coming soon..

below is an image of me in junior school, I have a cheeky smile on my face, I’m wearing a school shirt with the top button open, and over it a black school jumper, and behind is a light blue wall with white clouds.


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