Living Through The Life Of Ibz

Once you except your limits you go beyond them!


Welcome to Living through the life of Ibz, my names Ibraheem but you can call me Ibz.

I started my blog site in the summer of 2016. Having gone through the process of losing my sight from the age of 13, I came to the realisation that there was so much negativity surrounding not only blindness but disabilities in general. Also at the time I did not receive much support at all and was on my own for most of it.

I decided to write about my experiences of losing my sight so that firstly I could help educate the public in the hope of breaking any negative stereotypes that surrounds disability. Additionally I would like to support other individuals losing their sight in the form of reassurance.

The other part of my blog is based around my hobby, I love sports and anything health and fitness related. in particular I find the topic of food and nutrition very very interesting. with the vast amount of false information all around us, telling us how to diet and what we should and shouldn’t eat; I want to make a change and use my knowledge to help anyone. So I will Occasionally post healthy recipes which will include alternatives to your favourite treats such as; cakes, brownies, granola ice cream and much more. with my knowledge from a cooking qualification and being a certified personal trainer I will try my best to spread my knowledge.

If you have any questions or want me to talk about a certain topic you can find me on;



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